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American Weathermakers is the number one source for HVAC services in Niles, Illinois

American Weathermakers is a close neighbor to Niles, Illinois. We have been a local business servicing the homes of North Suburban residents and they’ve continued to trust us to service their air conditioning and heating systems for more than 60 years. American Weathermakers is not only a business; we are also a large part of the local community. Our ongoing goal is to help homeowners make Niles one of the best communities to live in the country.

With upwards of 30,000 people calling Niles home, many residents know us by name since we’ve been the top HVAC provider for their homes since 1949. Also, in addition to air conditioning and heating repairs, we also help homeowners with more advanced services for several other HVAC-related products, including:

Home Comfort Checkups – This is our most requested service we offer to our Niles home owners. Getting regular Comfort Checkups ensures that your home’s HVAC system is well maintained and getting regular, priority visits so you don’t have surprising system failures or enormous repair bills.

Air Quality Control - Niles homeowners can expect to get the best advice and highest-rated product brands for air filter replacements, upgrades and repairs and humidity control.

Sump Pump Maintenance - There is an increased potential for floods in homes that have basements. Since many Niles homes have a lower floor, steps must be taken in order to offset this common risk to your home. American Weathermakers can install, or if you already have a sump pump, improve upon your existing system. 

Water Heaters –A family of four uses approximately 2,000 gallons of hot water per month. As we all know, it is extremely problematic when there’s no hot water. If your water heater is causing you problems such as cold showers, it can be fixed with the correct products and expert service.

Boiler Services - American Weathermakers offers Niles homeowners the finest choices for boiler systems so you and your family can keep warm and maintain comfort during the winter.

Home Zoning Systems - American Weathermakers is able to divide your home’s ductwork system into specialized zones so that specific areas in your home are heated or cooled at specific times, at the right temperature, which saves energy and helps you to avoid unnecessarily high utility costs.

Insulation Services – Like many homes in Niles, if your home is ten years old or more, it might not be insulated adequately enough to the do its job well. Insulation that is worn out and ineffective dissipates the temperature-controlled air in your home, lets in drafts and other debris and causes spikes in energy bills.

Your heating and air cooling system is complicated and is made up of a lot of moving parts that all need to work together to adequately maintain your comfort, safety and health. When your HVAC system requires attention, not only for these featured products and services, call us. We’ll promise to send a professional HVAC technician to your Niles home that will listen to your concerns, evaluate your specific issues and provide you the most knowledgeable recommendations on how to fix the problem. Call us at (847) 509-7777 or contact us here to get service to your home in Niles today!

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