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Boilers, like furnaces, are conceptually simple. Essentially, all that is needed is a heat source, a pressurized system, water, a delivery system, and a condensate removal system (steam traps). Add a heat exchanger and the system becomes very effective and very efficient at providing heat to a home. We service and install steam boilers as well as hydronic boilers. Both hydronic boilers and steam boilers are used to heat the entire house, but hydronic boilers use hot water to transfer heat to the living space, while steam boilers use, you guessed it – steam.

The efficiency of a boiler is an important part of the decision process; the annual cost of fuel can sometimes be two to three times the installed cost of the equipment. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to spend a little more on the more efficient boiler since the cost of operation can easily offset a difference in equipment price, often in the first year. The savings just keep adding up every year into the future.

American Weathermakers offers a complete selection of boilers for steam applications as well as for hydronic systems. No one manufacture could possibly make the best boiler for every application. We service and install:

For information or service on boilers of any kind, and to see what the best choice is for your home, call us at (847) 261-5000. We will connect you with our American Weathermakers experts.

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